Bra With Low Back – The New Fashion Statement

The intro of the new millennium has witnessed the evolution of the fashion industry and along with it the concept of femininity vis-a-vis sexiness that dictates the norm in a present society. Since the advent of the 21th century when the standard of beauty was given a new dimension, more and more women have declared emancipation from the double standards and restrictions that the patriarchal society has imposed when it comes to dressing up and conversely, dressing down.Modern women have become more particular with what is underneath the outer clothing. Fashion gurus are now listening to the clamor of the female species for more fashionable, figure-enhancing lingerie that would clearly define the boundaries between what is practical and what is flamboyant. At the turn of the century many designers have taken the challenge of designing undergarments that combine practicality and whimsicality and the modern woman has now more reasons to dress down and flaunt.Flaunting it seems has become both a skill and a talent for movie stars. They are icons in a society where they dictate the fashion consciousness of the common people. Media play a very important role in influencing the consumers to imitate their idols in showbiz. The Red Carpet often is a showcase of these trendsetters and the fans are all but happy to imitate their idol’s wardrobe. Low d├ęcolletage showing ample cleavage, non-existent back covering showing off a great expanse of skin, one would wonder if underneath the skimpy gowns and party dresses a bra with low back band can be found.Contrary to the popular option of going braless when wearing a dress cut low in front or back, women who do not want to invite acts of lasciviousness yet want to show what they got can now wear a bra cut low enough to hide imprints of their upper anatomy. No need to worry about bands showing traversing the back ruining the backless dress. Halter dresses with backless style can wear a halter bra with a slim band wrapping around the waist. The halter straps support the breasts while the back strap is almost invisible being so low beneath the backless dress. If you want your bra to be a part of your fashion style, find one with fancy lace and ribbons. If not, buy a bra that would complement your dress and your looks and be confident to carry it well.

Maternity Style Guide: Loose or Fitted?

If you keep up with the maternity style of famous celebrities, you’ve probably seen lots of them wearing pregnancy fashion that doesn’t look any different from normal clothing. It’s the latest fashion trend for celebrities from Jessica Simpson to Snooki of the Jersey Shore. But are you comfortable wearing skintight dresses, leggings and tube tops as your baby bump grows bigger and bigger? Or should you go the more traditional route and opt for loose layers and breezy fabrics when you step out of the house? This guide will help you decide.Your Personal Fashion StyleHow you define your personal fashion style when you’re not pregnant has a big bearing on what you should wear when you are sporting a baby bump. Are you usually at the forefront of every fashion trend, sporting new looks as soon as they hit the runway? Do you like to show off your curves? Are you unafraid of being the only one in your office who shows up for work sporting a hat, textured tights and riding boots?If you answered yes to these questions, then you are a good candidate for wearing tight clothing that shows off your pregnant figure, ala Jessica Simpson. The trick to making it work is being comfortable in your own skin and flaunting your baby bump rather than trying to minimize it. A long or short jersey dress paired with big earrings and a bright, skinny scarf is a great look for casual events or days spent shopping. Just don’t follow in the footsteps of Beyonce, who was often seen sporting high heels along with her tight dresses during pregnancy; your sense of balance is off while pregnant and you could take a nasty fall. A pair of low, strappy sandals are fashionable while providing a safe addition to your pregnancy style.Health ConcernsAnother consideration when deciding what style of maternity clothing to wear is your health. Do you need extra support due to a bad back? Are you “balance challenged” on a normal day, let alone one when you’re carrying an extra twenty or so pounds of baby weight? Are you prone to sciatica, thoracic outlet syndrome or slumped shoulders from bad posture?If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’ll need the added support and comfort of undergarments specifically designed for the mom-to-be. A maternity body shaper doesn’t mean you can’t wear tight, clingy fabrics, but it does add an extra layer that needs to be taken into consideration. You may also want to augment your body shaper with a pair of compression gloves or stockings to minimize swelling in your hands and feet.In this instance, your maternity style might benefit from opting for gauzy materials and longer hem lines. Instead of spaghetti straps and Lycra, try cap sleeves and cool, comfy cotton.Just because you’re expecting a baby doesn’t mean you can’t look fashionable and stylish. Whether you follow the celebrity style trend of wearing tight clothing or opt for more practical, looser fitting apparel, you can always look great and enjoy support from an undergarment specially designed to for the mom-to-be. Take care of yourself first and enjoy the best health possible in order to look beautiful while expecting.

Find Your Inner Swan With This Season’s Black Swan Inspired Fashion

One of the most psychological thrillers of our time, Black Swan, one of Nathalie Portman’s “grown up” films, is not only a big hit on the screen, but in the fashion industry. Already we are beginning to see the film’s light and dark ballerina influence, with pink pumps and lacy black tights appearing on the high street.Black Swan a thriller about a young ballerina and self-harmer, who gets her dream role as the main parts in Swan Lake, the white and the black swan. And to play both, she has to engage with her light and dark side. The costumes both used for the light and dark swan are dazzling and are to influence 2011’s ballerina fashion.The high street is most likely to see the White Swan, as light pinks and creams become this season’s favourite colours. Soft, neutral tones are to portray the natural romanticism associated with the ballerina, however, for the Black Swan inside of you, you can embrace the darker side of this fashion.The ballerina fashion is to embrace ballerina body suits, chiffon skirts and ballet pumps in lighter and darker colours. You can easily embrace the Swan with these garments combined with fashion tights.For the White Swan, choose pure white or neutral light tones for the main outfit, add a pair of stain pink ballerina pumps and pure white stockings, and you’ll shine out as the White Swan on stage! Very well suited to Nathalie Portman, this look radiates a romantic and graceful look.Turn to your dark side and embrace the Black Swan by adorning yourself with the darker ruffled dress that Portman wore as the Black Swan. Look out for cocktail dresses that nicely flow out with lace and ruffles. Then add some sexy tights or hosiery in black lace to add to the effect.Portman’s role as the perfectionist dancer has influenced not only the high street, but the entire fashion industry. Fashion designer Chloe brought the ballerina fashion to life on the catwalk, adorning her models with beautiful flowing ballerina skirts, beautiful neutral but perfectly placed make-up and the tight bun well used in the dance theatre. It’s a look that will certainly turn heads this season, as well as influence other romantic feminine styles that will popping up on the catwalk and high street. The ballerina is a strikingly feminine look which will go well with the more serene 1960’s fashion style that favours neutral tones.