Find Your Inner Swan With This Season’s Black Swan Inspired Fashion

One of the most psychological thrillers of our time, Black Swan, one of Nathalie Portman’s “grown up” films, is not only a big hit on the screen, but in the fashion industry. Already we are beginning to see the film’s light and dark ballerina influence, with pink pumps and lacy black tights appearing on the high street.Black Swan a thriller about a young ballerina and self-harmer, who gets her dream role as the main parts in Swan Lake, the white and the black swan. And to play both, she has to engage with her light and dark side. The costumes both used for the light and dark swan are dazzling and are to influence 2011’s ballerina fashion.The high street is most likely to see the White Swan, as light pinks and creams become this season’s favourite colours. Soft, neutral tones are to portray the natural romanticism associated with the ballerina, however, for the Black Swan inside of you, you can embrace the darker side of this fashion.The ballerina fashion is to embrace ballerina body suits, chiffon skirts and ballet pumps in lighter and darker colours. You can easily embrace the Swan with these garments combined with fashion tights.For the White Swan, choose pure white or neutral light tones for the main outfit, add a pair of stain pink ballerina pumps and pure white stockings, and you’ll shine out as the White Swan on stage! Very well suited to Nathalie Portman, this look radiates a romantic and graceful look.Turn to your dark side and embrace the Black Swan by adorning yourself with the darker ruffled dress that Portman wore as the Black Swan. Look out for cocktail dresses that nicely flow out with lace and ruffles. Then add some sexy tights or hosiery in black lace to add to the effect.Portman’s role as the perfectionist dancer has influenced not only the high street, but the entire fashion industry. Fashion designer Chloe brought the ballerina fashion to life on the catwalk, adorning her models with beautiful flowing ballerina skirts, beautiful neutral but perfectly placed make-up and the tight bun well used in the dance theatre. It’s a look that will certainly turn heads this season, as well as influence other romantic feminine styles that will popping up on the catwalk and high street. The ballerina is a strikingly feminine look which will go well with the more serene 1960’s fashion style that favours neutral tones.