Bra With Low Back – The New Fashion Statement

The intro of the new millennium has witnessed the evolution of the fashion industry and along with it the concept of femininity vis-a-vis sexiness that dictates the norm in a present society. Since the advent of the 21th century when the standard of beauty was given a new dimension, more and more women have declared emancipation from the double standards and restrictions that the patriarchal society has imposed when it comes to dressing up and conversely, dressing down.Modern women have become more particular with what is underneath the outer clothing. Fashion gurus are now listening to the clamor of the female species for more fashionable, figure-enhancing lingerie that would clearly define the boundaries between what is practical and what is flamboyant. At the turn of the century many designers have taken the challenge of designing undergarments that combine practicality and whimsicality and the modern woman has now more reasons to dress down and flaunt.Flaunting it seems has become both a skill and a talent for movie stars. They are icons in a society where they dictate the fashion consciousness of the common people. Media play a very important role in influencing the consumers to imitate their idols in showbiz. The Red Carpet often is a showcase of these trendsetters and the fans are all but happy to imitate their idol’s wardrobe. Low d├ęcolletage showing ample cleavage, non-existent back covering showing off a great expanse of skin, one would wonder if underneath the skimpy gowns and party dresses a bra with low back band can be found.Contrary to the popular option of going braless when wearing a dress cut low in front or back, women who do not want to invite acts of lasciviousness yet want to show what they got can now wear a bra cut low enough to hide imprints of their upper anatomy. No need to worry about bands showing traversing the back ruining the backless dress. Halter dresses with backless style can wear a halter bra with a slim band wrapping around the waist. The halter straps support the breasts while the back strap is almost invisible being so low beneath the backless dress. If you want your bra to be a part of your fashion style, find one with fancy lace and ribbons. If not, buy a bra that would complement your dress and your looks and be confident to carry it well.